The Dove Experience

7 Songs Of Angels

by The Dove Experience

Released 2006
Released 2006
Inspiring. Contemporary. Beautiful ballads about Angels. Pure and simply spiritual, this makes you feel like there are Angels surrounding you. Excellent Arrangement and orchestration with an acoustic drive. Anyone who loves Angels will LOVE this CD.
Contemporary, Spiritual and Pure this CD is sraight from heaven to the heart of the listener. Gold Seal Artist, The Dove Experience, releases the most inspired of her CD's yet. It's music that makes you feel like you are surrounded by Angels. Sincere, 100% authentic, engaging lyrics, excellent arrangements and pop influence with contemporary hooks keep you wanting to hear more. It is the feel good and do good CD with hope to keep a peaceful mind. It's like nothing you have ever heard! These inspirational and orginal songs are a must. If you love angels you have go to hear this!

Reviewer: Miranda S
Your "7 Songs Of Angels CD" is so heartwarming; it deserves a standing ovation! This music stole my heart and had a profound effect on me. I believe in Angels! to anyone who loves Angels this is simply heavenly. God Bless.

If you like Angels, you've gotta hear this
Reviewer: Jamie R
I have never heard such beautiful and inspirational contemporary ballads about Angels. Every song is about ANGELS! It's awesome. If you like Angels you have to hear this! It is beautiful! Straight from Heaven!

Excellent acoustic quality brings the talented instrumental arrangements to life
Reviewer: Jason Kennedy
The recording is clear and crisp, the arrangements are superb, and the vocals are sincere. I found myself absorbed with the cello on some of the tracks. This is a good recording with a positive message.

up and comming new artist
Reviewer: Eddie B.
the CD 7 songs of Angels was recorded with excellent great sound and just a phenomenon

The music, lyrics touches your soul. Awesome and impeccable
Reviewer: A. Richards
This is clearly the most heart felt music and lyrics that I could listen to over and over again and get the same feeling I got when I first heard it. The awesome positive energy it makes you feel good, happy and loved. Looking forward to the next CD.You are clearly one of his messengers.

Reviewer: Rolan E.
This is powerful songwriting and it moves you and makes you think, this is a must have had a lot of inspiration. You are a great songwriter.

I can feel the LOVE!
Reviewer: Cathy Villa
I can feel the love! Keep On bringing the love! Your music Rocks!