The Dove Experience

the LITTLE things

by The Dove Experience

Released 2010
Released 2010
A folk-tinged acoustic vibe that makes you want to sing with it! Last song on the CD entitled "Imagine" is a song written as a tribute to the lives and musicals contribution of Michael Jackson and John Lennon. People who made change.
It's wonderful ideas binded by a folk-tinged acoustic vibe that makes you want to sing with it!
The Dove Experience has struck a chord in mainstream Acoustic Pop/Rock fans everywhere. It is an eclectic groove that keeps you wrapped up.
The collection of songs makes you feel good inside so sit back and enjoy the ride! This collection of work carries along with an actual World Peace Faith Inspired Campaign, calling out for positive action. This Indie Music Artist has started a "LITTLE THINGS" epidemic by encouraging people everywhere to make world change with small random acts of kindness. This music drives hope. It carries a message that we can make a difference every day. The Dove Experience is a mindful music artist who is out to CHANGE THE WORLD. Her lyrics are straight from the heart; the music is upbeat, fun and engaging. Even the CD cover is hand drawn by an artist from San Francisco and is exclusively run as limited copy. There is something very special in this music and everyone is talking about it!